bayes classifier

This is a python implementation of a naive bayes classifier. A bayes classifier is used to probabilistically classify items based on the presence or absence of features.

inverted pendulum

This is a video of a simulation I made with python and matplotlib. It is the standard Inverted Pendulum control problem, I implemented an LQR Contoller in python-control for stabilization. To bring the pendulum from the down position to upright, I used an energy based controller.

global design

This is a series of papers on a computational method for task allocation and coordination in a distributed design environment. I worked with Jay Johnson and Hao Wu at GT over the course of a semester and a half on this work, and getting the final one published. We built off of the Pahl and Beitz Method updated for a distributed design environment and added a computational method for task allocation.

auto bike shifter

This is a project I completed at GT, we retrofitted a bicycle with actuators to shift through the gears and sensors to measure speed, pedal rate, and angle of inclination. A controller was then used to shift accordingly.

project euler

When I was learning python I spent some time solving the project euler problems. This is the code for all of the problems I made it through. Some of them may be pretty ugly, I was just learning.