These are some of the projects that I have worked on over the course of time, mostly they are things I did out of curiosity or to solve a personal need. For the most part they revolve around python, arduino and the web, to view more of my work visit my github profile.


A Python package I maintain that provides test doubles for use in automated tests. It provides functionality for stubbing, mocking, and verification of test doubles against the real objects they double.


A fully custamizable static website generator, Static Py does not limit the structure of your site. Static Py has a built in dev server that monitors changes and refreshes pages on change. With built in S3 support it is easy to upload your site to one of your buckets.


A Python package I built that provides equality objects for testing with doubles or mock. There are times where we don't want to assert absolute equality, e.g. we need to ensure two lists have the same elements, but don't care about order.


A Python module to automatically retry functions if they raise an exceptions. RetryPy offers three different interfaces: a decorator, a wrapper, and a direct call method. RetryPy offers intelligent logic to determent what exceptions should be retried.

tabs with me

This is a website that I built to help my roommates and I share our bills. Instead of keeping a spreadsheet of what bills we pay we just add them to the tab.