about me

I am Todd Sifleet I grew up in the Boston area, then went to Union College in upstate NY and graduate school at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. I enjoy solving challenging problems by utilizing bleeding edge technology and software solutions.

I have a BS degree in mechanical engineering with a minor in math from Union College and an MS from the Georgia Institute of Technology, at GT I focused on the design and fabrication of mechatronic (mechanical, electrical, and software) systems.

Since finishing school I have been working as a software engineer, a quick summary of my job history:

  • I currently work as a tech lead on the configuration and automation team at uber. We are building tools to help operations better manage their territories, users, and products.
  • sermo an online community for doctors; I worked as a fullstack Rails engineer.
  • athenahealth a cloud based EMR; I worked as a fullstack engineer, working mostly with perl and JS.

-Todd Sifleet