Todd Sifleet a fullstack developer specializing in python, ruby and web development. I work with a myriad of technologies to solve challenging business problems.


python, perl, ruby, rails, javascript, coffee script, css, less, html, json/xml and SQL


Static Py

  • A fully custamizable static website generator, this generator imposes very few restrictions, allowing you to fully customize your site.
  • Uses the jinja templating engine.
  • Built in dev server, which auto refreshes pages on changes, no need to refresh to see changes.
  • Built in S3 support, when you are done working on your site you can automatically upload it to one of your buckets.

Tabs With Me

This is a website that I built to my roommates and I share our bills. Whenever we pay a bill or pay a roommate we track it here, it is very clear who owes what. I built this with python, django, appengine and bootstrap.

Sublime Text Plugin

This is a plugin that makes navigating your files a breeze within Sublime Text. It tracks recent files, favorite files/places allows you to navigate the file tree right from the keyboard. Tracks different projects, so if you switch between branches/projects it is easy to keep things separate.